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  25 Responses to “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (2000) w/ Eng Sub – Hindi Movie – Part 1”

  1. where is the subtitle ? :O

  2. i love salman but he just looks completely gay with that white tshirt and those shorts!

  3. whats with his shorts

  4. tEnKiu sO mUch!!!

  5. @superdidie89
    click on the cc.u’ll find it.

  6. wHere is da eNg sub?????

  7. Divya was Sajid Nadiadwala’s wife, that’s why she was in the beginning of the movie!

  8. omg…salman has such a great bod!

  9. Divya Bharati looked beautiful at the beginning.. Miss her so much RIP!

  10. I love salman khan.

  11. sorry i made a mistake.. the original is an american movie named “While you were sleeping”. I just meant that the malayalam version of the movie is much better..

  12. compared to the original malayalam movie from which this is copied, this whole movie is terrible..

  13. OMG!!!! Thanks u Sooooooooooooo much for posting!!!!!
    Been AGES ive been looking 4 that.

  14. I wonder how those who take care of the costumes in this film are thinking sometimes.. tht orange sarong is not a match, its more like a girl style to show one side of the leg when wearing a long sarong :S.. no idea.. Salman is great however =) he’s stil the coolest ^_^.

  15. where the subtitles???? -_______-

  16. OMG thank you so much for uploading!! You’re a star :)

  17. @MultiDanradcliffe haha same here:) thanks sominal

  18. thank u so much u have no idea how long i have been looking for this movie:) i so appericate this:) OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  19. Sajad ke Har film main phalay divya barthi ke pic hoti thei, Plz note karay no pic of divya in sajad upcoming film like,janeman,housfull, kambahth ishq. My sweet divya I miss u

  20. @SominalTvTheaters how about sending it into my messages instead of here because i desperately been wanting to watch it with eng subs. :(

  21. @urstrulyMalyy comment box doesnt allow any links

  22. @SominalTvTheaters Can’t you just send my the link so i can just go direct to it watch it?

  23. @urstrulyMalyy I have already uploaded in BluRay quality check my website for links

  24. @SominalTvTheaters thank you for letting me know ugh i feel stupid lol. anyways uhm i was wondering can you upload mohabbatein with eng subs please.

  25. @urstrulyMalyy turn cc on

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