Jul 262011 Subscribe: For More Entertainment; Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Full Movie, English Subtitle, Hindi Movie, BluRay, Watch Online, SominalTv, SominalTvTheater, SominalTheaterTv, Ajay Devgan, Emran Hashmi, Prachi Desai, Kangana Ranavut
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  11 Responses to “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (2010) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub – Hindi Movie – Part 1”

  1. I cant get subtitles. I press CC but a red exclamation appears, disabling any subtitles to come. I;m also using Mozilla Firefox

  2. @ladywolf68 The red means it’s working moron!

  3. the cc button doest work??? rigt? ik Klick but there is a red ! for the cc

  4. o.0

  5. haha! I like this fight about subtitles

  6. @uuuu7jj ha ha cool cool there is. click the cc button.

  7. wait i cant get the subtitles to work :/

  8. @uuuu7jj whos the idiot that dont know how to use youtube features

  9. @uuuu7jj Click the cc button under the video to get the English subtitles

  10. whose the idiot who mentions that this movie is with english subtitles

  11. i lobe blu-ray

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