Sep 162011

Make Money Online by Playing Free Sims

Sims Online has changed its name to EA Land on which an number of modifications made to the game basic structure. It’s now drawing many players across the globe. It’s totally free to play with customable content, stores ownership, and Paypal enabled exchange of what is called Simoleons for the actual money. It goes too much better in every single week. The following are some of the changes and the way you can play it to make money online.

Free Play

All we know before, it’s available for 14-day trial but now it has been provided to everyone as permanent free play to enjoy with a small limitation. One of the best things about this is that free players would be able to make more money out of it than they give in. But the only way to make money online is to team up with a full subscriber, and make them to pay you. You can upgrade your free account as you wish into a full membership. Earning more money in the game than to subscribe is realistic.

Custom Content

You can create custom content in Sims online. Aside from putting up variety and interest, this is the best way for every player to make money online via this game. You can instantly modify the present Sims object, and change entirely the layout as you like to. There are already many tutorials available online that will guide you the way.

The Game Commerce

Through the feature of custom content, anyone of the players can sell items they’ve got to other avid players. Thus, you can make money online with Sims. This kind of system has already working successfully in Second Life, and now it’s has been provided to this famous version of Sims game. It’s so nice to feel that you make money while getting all the time playing with fun.

EA has really made the great changes of the game that players have been waiting, since the Sims Online first make a hard hit in our screens. It’s now timely to play smart in a way to play game for fun while make  money online as well with Sims online new version.

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